a new adventure

I had originally started the Ella Row blog as a casual hobby, to document and share things I had been enjoying, outfits on rotation, DIY projects, and inspirations. It quickly became a passion and something I loved working on into the wee hours of the morning, and I very much loved planning how I could share a curated portion of things that I fancied. Since I was also working another job, maintaining a consistency with the blog became a bit challenging as is, and then the most wonderful thing happened – I became pregnant! All of my time, energy, thoughts and activities became invested in this little blessing that was quickly growing inside of me. And because family means everything to me, I made the decision to put 100% focus on the gift I was fortunate to have received, and dedicated everything I could to ensure a healthy, safe and happy pregnancy. So I thought it would be best to take a break from blogging.

Fast forward to present day, my husband and I are over the moon thrilled to be parents to our little energetic butterball, who is already 10 months old. I put a lot of thought into how much of my personal life, and especially, an innocent baby I wanted to share on a public realm, and it’s still not yet fully decided, however as a lot of my family and friends live far away, it is a great, somewhat controlled way that I can share tidbits of my life and the growth of our little family.

As I very much enjoy blogging, I am eager and excited to share a whole new side of me and a new adventure. Thank you for riding along!



hello, again

Hello, friends! It’s been a while! We’ve been through many wonderful life changes over here and I wanted to share a fresh start with you. New inspirations, life goals and heartfelt confessions to come this way. I hope you will join me!

All my love,