away we go

We recently went through a fortunate misfortune when our building’s plumbing decided to go berzerk, causing one of our walls to be in need of some major repair. With talks of tearing down drywall, mold remediation, repainting and whatnot, we thought it would be best to take advantage of the situation and take a trip up to Santa Barbara, especially as to avoid the little one from breathing in unnecessary fumes.

Although during the couple weeks leading up to the repair I’ll admit there was a lot of grumbling on my part, I guess things happen for a reason, and it was actually perfect to pack our bags and spend some much needed family time away from the city. Neither my husband nor I had ever been to Santa Barbara, so it was exciting to take in all the sights with fresh eyes, not to mention, it was our first trip away with the little guy.

Before checking into our hotel, we played tourists and explored up and down State Street, of which my favorite little nook was, La Arcada. So charming and sweet, with tile lined streets and ivy covered walls, it felt like we were whisked off to the streets of Europe.





After a nice lunch at State and Fig, where Braedon giggled his way through all the complimentary french bread, and a long walk window shopping the streets (and picking up some English treats at Hampstead Village), we went to check in at our much anticipated hotel.

I had read so much about the newly renovated Kimpton Hotel, The Goodland and was eager to check out the digs and enjoy it as our home away from home for the weekend.

I will admit, it is not your typical fancy, five-star hotel and if you’re used to good old, ritzy luxury, then you may be in for a bit of a surprise, but it was exactly what we were looking for, especially with a wiggly energetic baby. Quick, easy access to your room, friendly staff members, an unpretentious community-like feel, and excellent cuisine at their onsite restaurant, The Outpost (may I suggest the mushroom bao bun, and the amazing steamed chocolate cake), I would definitely recommend The Goodland to any of my friends. A sidenote – I would have taken photos of my delicious food, but we had to eat in the dark in our hotel room because it was past baby B’s bedtime (a new experience for us new parents!)






Although it was a new, and learning experience for us traveling with a baby, we absolutely enjoyed every second. And I feel as though B really grew during the trip, being in unfamiliar surroundings and adjusting to a different routine and sleeping arrangement. Although we had to be quiet as mice after the little guy went to sleep at 7:30pm, the husband and I savored the quiet time, whispering over the white noise maker – yes we brought it with us!

And moments like these are worth every second of staying in for the night…he is quite the affectionate, kissy baby.



After a lovely stay, it was time to head on home, but not before taking a quick photo in front of the resident airstream of course! And then we thought, we couldn’t let the fun end so soon, so we made a pitstop at the cute, kitsch town of Solvang where we devoured our yummy Danish pancakes and B attacked the bread basket again (we agreed to let him indulge while on vacation!)



On the road again, to home we go (our fixed up, nice and fresh home that is!) Can’t wait for our next family adventure!

a new adventure

I had originally started the Ella Row blog as a casual hobby, to document and share things I had been enjoying, outfits on rotation, DIY projects, and inspirations. It quickly became a passion and something I loved working on into the wee hours of the morning, and I very much loved planning how I could share a curated portion of things that I fancied. Since I was also working another job, maintaining a consistency with the blog became a bit challenging as is, and then the most wonderful thing happened – I became pregnant! All of my time, energy, thoughts and activities became invested in this little blessing that was quickly growing inside of me. And because family means everything to me, I made the decision to put 100% focus on the gift I was fortunate to have received, and dedicated everything I could to ensure a healthy, safe and happy pregnancy. So I thought it would be best to take a break from blogging.

Fast forward to present day, my husband and I are over the moon thrilled to be parents to our little energetic butterball, who is already 10 months old. I put a lot of thought into how much of my personal life, and especially, an innocent baby I wanted to share on a public realm, and it’s still not yet fully decided, however as a lot of my family and friends live far away, it is a great, somewhat controlled way that I can share tidbits of my life and the growth of our little family.

As I very much enjoy blogging, I am eager and excited to share a whole new side of me and a new adventure. Thank you for riding along!



hello, again

Hello, friends! It’s been a while! We’ve been through many wonderful life changes over here and I wanted to share a fresh start with you. New inspirations, life goals and heartfelt confessions to come this way. I hope you will join me!

All my love,