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                電 話︰0511-87361188
                傳 真︰0511-87361018
                Q Q ︰130118806
                地 址︰中國江甦句容市杜家山工業集中區


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                     JiangSu Dahua Laser Technique Expolit Co., Ltd. is a leading company concentrates on R&D, manufacture, sale and after-sale service, specialize in producing and devloping high quality laser equipment, and export to many countries and regions.
                     Our company covers an area of over 30000 square meters and located in Jurong city, meanwhile, our company is in the west of Shanghai city, it takes about one and half an hour by high speed railway from Shanghai. The transportation is quite convenient.
                     Our company co-operates with many well-known foreign laser equipment firms and technology corporation ,has communicated with lots of laser research institutes for many years on information and technique and positively takes part in R&D with international laser & menchatronik further technique .Our new designed automatic feeding laser, engraving and cutting machine such as JSDH-6020GF, JSDH-2250LGFP, greatly supported by foreign advanced technology, have very good strength in price performance compared with similar products. Widely accepted and used in the industries of plush toy, clothing and accessories, leather, handicraft products, advertising, paper products, electronics and hardware.
                     Our company always focus on devloping the concept of “Ability comes from Quality”, and continues to reform technique and management and has set up offices in many cities at home and aboard. Besides, our company has formed a sales and service network throughout the whole country. We will try our best to meet the requirements from worldwide customers with high product quality and good after-sales service.


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